The beauty of the theater in Vevcani is passed on from generation to generation as a living matter, so vivid is for the audience the realistic approach of the actors on stage, since its creation to this day, bringing to life the harsh fates of the characters and their live stories from time immemorial to the present. With great professionalism, motivation, effort and desire is approached each project and plays of the great classical authors. Topics are always very original, with a special spirit and energy they are successfully transmitted to the audience through the realistic prism of the eyes of the actors.

It all begins in the summer of 1939, when the first drama group is formed composed of 14 young members, including Jovan Srbakoski, Trajche Bebekoski, Spase Shutinoski, Gjoko Partaloski, Naum Kukoski, Jovan Kochoski, Vasil Kalajdzieski, Pero Chochoroski, Alimpije Kalajdzieski, Risto Velkoski, Atanas Ruseski. This group works within the association of "St.Vasilij the Great" which, in turn, is formed by young enthusiasts back in 1936.

In November 1939 in Vevcani is played the first theatrical performance in Macedonian- “ Pechalbari” (Migrant Workers) by Anton Panov. Later, the teachers from the primary school in Vevcani, very successfully, set and showed on stage the play "Parite se otepuvachka” (Money Kills) by Risto Krle and many other new plays. Very high standards of the theater in Vevcani were set back then, and fortunately, they are fully accepted and upgraded by all subsequent generations who decide to deal with the theater in Vevcani.

After the teachers, the theater continues to be nurtured through the youth scene in which many young people, students, took part but always alongside with adults. All this allows a continuity in the theater activity in Vevcani.

In 1982, this amateur group receives its name: The Traveling Theater "Bow Down and fall," a name under which with great professionalism, enthusiasm and strong confidence it continues to line up performances, to fill the halls with audiences in Vevcani, the region, around the country and across the former Yugoslavia. During that time, the head of the theater was Anastas Kjushkoski who sets his plays on the scene very successfully. Exactly with these plays, this theater earned numerous awards in the regional drama festivals, the Republic, won the first place for Best Actor, Best Director, Best amateur theater group in former Yugoslavia. The performances “Poplava” ( Flood), “Izvor I krasta”, "Panurgij", Siljan Shtrkot se vrakja vo bazata” (the Stork Silyan returns to the base), Bogovite ne se na nebo"(Gods are not in heaven) will always be remembered.

In 2001 the head of the CAA "Drimkol" ,Toso Chochoroski, decides to include this theater work within the association and for that purpose, with young members of the children`s folk group directed the play “Somnitelno lice na vevchanski nachin” (Suspicious Person in Vevcanski Way)." New, young energy, new enthusiasm, new talented generations always accountable to the task, and with a strong desire that the play never ceases in Vevchani.